The difference between standard PVC card and non-standard PVC card

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Author : Jiezhong
Update time : 2022-08-31 20:18:52
         The standard PVC card we often say is the international unified size card, and its size is 85.5mm×54mm×0.76mm.
         Special-shaped PVC cards are also called non-standard cards. Today, printing is not limited by size due to individual needs, resulting in a large number of "weird" cards in countries around the world. We call this kind of card "special-shaped card", such as rectangular, square, triangle, oval and other geometric cards, some membership cards are also used (membership-shaped card), we call it "non-standard card" for short "non-signature card" ”, and the cards with special shapes such as animal shapes and doll shapes are called “quasi-model cards”. Relatively speaking, the production process of "quasi-shaped card" is more difficult than geometry.
         Common odd-shaped PVC cards serve two main purposes. On the one hand, they are used for badges. The size of the badge varies greatly according to the different requirements of customers. The smallest is 20mm x 40mm, more properly called the badge. Maximum 90mm×130mm, mainly used for access control cards. It can be made into dozens of shapes such as keychain cards and coin cards. It's like a remote control in a car, modern and beautiful.
         Shaped PVC cards do not refer to a certain type of card. In layman's terms, irregular shapes can be called special-shaped cards. Special-shaped cards can encapsulate various chips, such as IC, ID, CPU chips, etc., which means that a special-shaped PVC card can have many different functions.
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